viernes, 3 de abril de 2009

Today's adverts...I can't believe it...


This is a Spanish advert seen in every TV stations. On this advert we can see a boy saying: “Daddy,do you know that my friend Nerea is black?”. The father answer to him: “Of course, I knew”, and the child says: “I didn't”. Then, a voice over says: “New Clase B blue EFFICIENCY eddition for 22.500 €. Every day can be special”.

After we see this advert we can understand that the boy has learnt to differenciate people once their father has this car.


With this advert we can depict the stereotypes between women and men. Women are only interested in the home at clothig, while men are only interested by the beer. They both feel the same when the closet is opened.


This is other Spanish advert. A.M.T.E.T.C.Q.C.R.M.N.S.V.E.S.G. means women association that with this crisis they just want to take care of their clothes to can continue wearing stylish clothes and feel wonderful. The brand knows that the woman is usually who are in charge of buying the groceries. The stereotype about the wom

an is who spends a lot of money is present on this advert.


In this advert we can see race and gender stereotypes. The gender stereotype is broken because we are used to see wonderful girls cleaning the cars wearing just a bikini. On the other hand, the advert uses a race stereotype. They use the Asian male figure as a non-sexual powerful figure. Personally, I think this adver is perfect.



The latin woman can be portrayed in two ways. Like an innocent and desirable woman or like a hot, aggressive and frivolous woman. On this advert we can see the second way. Every woman could play this rol, but th

e advertisers chose the latin woman.


This advert just shows the white female figure as the beauty example.


Gentleman: It is a washing machine. They also can.



Any body has seen a non-white couple? Maybe they can not buy it?

Crystal Geiser:


The beauty's canon? I don't think so.

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