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Reflection: Stereotyped Media

02-23-2009, 1:15 pm.


The Lord of the Rings.

The author compares the geography of The Middle Earth -where the story is developed- like as if it were the “real world”. He says that civilized people live at the middle and West on the map, while strange people and enemies live in the South or East, always ready to fight.

Racial stereotypes

02-23-2009, 11:40 pm.


Advertising about weight lose.

In this kind of adverts, always appears a woman like the example of the treatment's result.

If you click on this web, probably you will see this kind of advert. The most interesant is that this webpage also adverts a lot of ads about fast food.

Gender stereotypes

02-24-2009, 11:00 am.

Personal conversation with Anthony Carvello. Class friend

He said me that he likes to met new people and cultures. That's why he is enrolled in different student associations from another countries and cultures. He thinks that the American people shloud know more about another countries outside America.

Racial stereotypes

02-24-2009, 8:30 pm.

Classroom experience while I was doing the exam.

Analizing the advert that I had to talk about, I saw one more time the figure of a young and pretty woman promoting beauty products.

Gender stereotypes.

02-25-2009, 2:50 pm.

Watching an Anime Serie.

Bleach is an Anime serie that I watch in Japanesse subtitled in English. But is interesting the fact of the villains – the main enemies -, they speak in Spanish and use the Spanish culture like music or utensils as something evil.

Race Stereotypes

02-25-2009, 5:35 pm.


Torrente, el brazo tonto de la ley (Spanish film)

At the beginning of this movie, the main actor (a fascist police) finds an arab inmigrant looking for something to eat on a bin. The police arrests him citing that he is doing something bad like illegal business.

You can see this extract of the movie clicking on this link. Sorry but it's not subtitled to English, but I think it's understandable enough.

(3'10'' to 4'00'')

Race stereotypes.

2-26-2009, 07:30 am.

MERCATOR insurance and banking commercial.

Commercial sent by a friend on a e-mail.

I was checking my e-mail account when I saw this commercial. It's a clear women stereotype.

2-26-2009, 9:45 pm


Mission: Impossible 2.

On this movie there exists a scene placed in Sevilla (Spain). Supposedly Sevilla's people is celebrating their own festivity. The director made a mix between different festivities in Spain and that's that you can see on the movie. The film stereotypes at the Spanish people in a way we don't identify.

Race stereotypes

2-27-2009, 10:20

El (Spanish newspaper on-line)

Three men are arrested for batter their couples.

I know it's not a real stereotype, but in Spain this fact has become in something as common that doesn't affect at many people.

Gender stereotypes.

I'm not surpresed about the use of stereotype on the media because I think that it always has used stereotypes. Media shouldn't do it, but productors think that stereotypes are the best way to arrive to their public. In my opinion, stereotypes aren't evil, only when they don't offend some culture, race, or gender.

When I watch my own country in the movie I have before explained, I felt offended. However, I didn't feel offended because it appeared a stereotype, but because it was a wrong stereotype.

I hope media target changes and it demands for reality representation and not a stereotyped representation.

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  2. Just as you did, I too wrote in my blog that I was not surprised at all about all the stereotyping in the media. I was although surprised at how often they occurred whether it was in a commercial, music video, movie, or television show. I enjoyed reading your blog because it reminded me how each one of us in so different and yet we are still stereotyped in the media or in real life no matter who we are or where we are from. I thought it was interesting to read that you were offended when the stereotyping wasn’t true about your country.

  3. I never noticed until now that most commercials that have to do with weight mostly show women. This is totally unfair because obesity is an epidemic, not just a woman's disease. Of course, some will think of ways to justify this with sayings like, women's bodies are more prone than men to gain weight because process our bodies have to go through, like childbirth.
    When I see my people stereotyped in the media it saddens me that people would rather perpetuate lies, than accurately portraying us. But I can't act all high and mighty because I stereotype too, and I definetly would if I was being paid too.
    I believe stereotype continues to exists and will never die is because even though as intelligent human beings we know those portrayals are false, we need to escape to sensational they provide to the media. Without them, the media would not be as popular as it is now, and we probably would watch half as many TV.

  4. Just like you I was shocked to find so many stereotypes in the media. I was really interested in the wide array of sources you found, from popular movies to commercials sent to you in an email. It is shocking when I was doing this assignment to see how easy it was to IGNORE stereotypes. Instead of find them. Isn’t it sad that the media thinks the best way to get points and messages across is through the use of stereotypes? But news to them, when I see a racial or gender stereotype I am usually turned off on whatever message they are trying to portray. Great job I really enjoyed reading your blog.

  5. I found it interesting that you noticed the gender stereotypes in weight loss advertisements and how they were largely directed toward women. I haven't really paid much attention to that in the past but now that you mention it I think it is quite accurate. It is definitely a stereotype that women care more about their weight than men because obesity certainly affects both genders but from a marketing and statistical perspective it makes sense. Obesity is clearly a problem for everyone but when looking at statistical evidence (i.e. percentage of women/men with eating disorders) women statistically seem to be more concerned about weight loss than men. Given those statistics I think it is commercially prudent for weight loss advertisements to be targeted more toward women. However, as with all stereotypes they obviously do not apply to ALL women because there are definitely men out there that are concerned with weight loss as well. Also, I agree with you that stereotypes are not inherently evil but only when they are used to offend but do you think that stereotypes (since by nature they do not apply to everyone in a particular group) will always be offensive to someone in that group who does not adhere to the stereotype?